3rd Age Tourism


3rd age tourism is a notion which targets the period after active work life. 3rd age tourism generally included people over the age of 50. 3rd age tourism usually based on medical treatments, wellness, spa, thermal therapies, physiotherapy.bxp31481h.jpg

In addition to these therapies and treatments, 3rd age tourism means entertainment and recreation for over the age 50. Turkey is a very popular destination for 3rd age tourism and geriatric treatments. Side, Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul, Antalya, Marmaris, Ankara, Kuşadası and Dalaman are the most preferred destinations of Turkey.

Researches show that trust and comfort in healthcare are more important for 3rd age tourism than for any other kinds of international patients. Turkey has 51 JCI-accredited hospitals, boasting a thriving network of more than 1200 public and private hospitals. Many of its 300 private facilities have developed working relationships with prestigious international medical centers. With these features Turkey becomes more and more preferred by 3rd age tourism patients.4d6d79dc53