Healthcare in Turkey

Turkey’s superior healthcare infrastructure, relatively short flying times from North America, Europe and Middle East and lower prices from country of origin attract an increased volume of medical tourist to Turkey. According to the data provided by Turkish Ministry of Health; in 2013, 300.000 tourists visited Turkey for medical travel. The Ministry aims to increase this medical travel capacity to 2.000.000 in 2023 with new reforms in healthcare system. Turkey is also the 6th most visited country worldwide with 39 226 226 visitor yearly.

Turkey’s specialties for medical tourism include organ transplantation, genetic testing, neurosurgery, ophthalmology (one of world’s largest vision clinic networks are headquartered in Istanbul) cardiology, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry.

Also Turkey is a popular destination for wellness tourism with natural thermal spa resorts and mud baths, which alone attract nearly a half million visitors.

Turkish Ministry of Health has serious standards for the protection of patients treated in Turkey to protect the rights of patients and hospitals.bakanlik